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Cocktail Zeist

"After we acquired Castle Kerckebosch in early 2015 from the Bilderberg hotel group and thoroughly renovated it, one of our most important objectives was to give the beautiful castle back to the people of Zeist in its well-deserved luster. In addition, we wanted to remove the threshold and make the estate accessible to everyone. We are genuinely proud that we were able to receive so many citizens of Zeist in the recent years and that they managed to find their way back to our castle.” – Directors Hans van Triest and Ingmar Sloothaak.  

In order to continually enforce the objective above, we frequently organise much talked-about public events and we regularly attempt to surprise the citizens of Zeist and the region. Below, you can find an overview of a number of events which are yet to take place or which have taken place already. Keep an eye on our special Facebook page for new “Cocktail Zeist” events. 

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