Our bar

Our beautiful striking bar is located between our terrace and the large fireplace.

The center of our castle

The tastiest drinks are served here, such as a cooling beer, a special GT or a nice warming cognac.

Our Castle Gin

We are proud of our own -very special- Castle Gin.

This includes the ingredients of our classic "Mama Vera's Rendang": think of lemongrass, djeroek peroet, star anise, ginger, and a pepper.

Can be ordered in our bar and Bistoria, or in a luxury gift box for sale at our reception.

Our beer

Fancy an exclusive beer?

Our Baron and Jonkvrouw beers are specially brewed for you in a local brewery in Zeist, according to our recipe. Delicious clear local beer with a royal foam layer.

A beer for every moment and occasion, cheers!

Bar opening hours

On Fridays and Saturdays, the bar is open until 01:00, but can also be exclusively reserved.

On weekdays, our bar is open until midnight.