Royal Tea

Enjoy a lovely, almost royally, afternoon with our Royal Tea. The luxurious and extensive variant of the well-known High-Tea. We serve these in our attractive conservatory or on the terrace when the weather allows us. If you are bringing a lot of people, it is of course also possible to serve our Royal Tea in an exclusively reserved space.

A very special treat

Savory snacks in various shapes and forms. Wrap with a delicious savory filling. Sandwich generously topped. Brioche with a festive topping. Bouquet of crudité with various dips.

Seasonal soup with appropriate garnishes.

A selection of sweets. Scones, served with marmalades and clotted cream. Macarons, airy pillows of happiness. Smoothie, a healthy refreshment.

Served with homemade iced tea and tea of ​​your choice.

How to make a reservation

Our Royal Tea requires a lot of preparation. Therefore, it must be booked at least 48 hours in advance for Fridays, Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.

The Royal Tea costs € 37.50 per person.

Reservations can be made online, by mail or by phone: 030 - 692 6666