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Reception, dinner & party

The castle is furnished with various tasteful rooms which can (partly) be connected together. In this way, we can organize weddings and parties for up to 500 guests, while smaller groups will also feel completely at home at our location.

When organising your wedding, we offer 2 ways of exclusively renting Castle Kerckebosch, namely Castle Exclusive Gold and Castle Exclusive Platinum. The contents of these packages are listed at the bottom of this page. For more information or a nonbinding tour, please contact our wedding specialists. They can be reached at 030-6926666 or by e-mail.

Castle Kerckebosch is a national monument with a rich history and we wish to treasure this heritage. The maintenance of special monuments, however, is very costly. The room fee we charge is partly used for preserving this national monument, so that future generations can keep enjoying our beautiful castle.


Castle Exclusive Gold

If you choose for Castle Exclusive Gold, the old castle is completely at your disposal. It can be decorated up to small details, exactly the way you envision it. The following rooms can be exclusively reserved from 13.00 on the day of arrival until 11.00 the following day: 

- Castle Kerckebosch* including Room of Lintelo, Bar & Lounge, Salon, the steps and the downstairs terrace

- 14 castle rooms including the Tower Suite and the two Castle Suites

*excluding banquet rooms, parlor restaurant and 16 hotel rooms

Castle Exclusive Platinum

Marry as Lord and Lady of the castle? Then pick Castle Exclusive Platinum. The locations below are reserved exclusively for your company from 13.00 on the day of arrival until 11.00 the following day. We advise you to place a reservation quickly, as there is a high chance that rooms have already been reserved.

- Castle and Hotel Kerckebosch, including Room of Lintelo, Bar & Lounge, Salon, Bistoria, banquet halls, the steps and downstairs terrace (excluding the parlor restaurant) *

- 14 castle rooms and 16 hotel rooms (including 1 Tower Suite and 2 Castle Suites)

*In Spring 2018, we will open a completely new Parlor Restaurant. It will be possible to exclusively reserve this restaurant starting in the 4th quarter of 2018, but a buyout surcharge will apply. Our wedding specialists Liesbeth and Nancy are happy to provide you with more information.