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Experience the ultimate WOW effect

A kick-off, new range or product line; this is the moment in which customers get in touch with a product or service. It is important that this launch creates the right impression. The right location can help with that.

Castle Kerckebosch is perfectly suited for a product presentation. Thanks to its central location in the province of Utrecht, you can easily receive guests from the entire country. There is sufficient free parking space and if the group travels by public transport, station Driebergen-Zeist is at a walking distance. The décor of Castle Kerckebosch in the background is guaranteed to have a wow-effect on your customers! 


There are events whose character may not match the look of your business premises or there may not be enough space. In such a case Kerckebosch Castle can offer a solution. You can choose from well-equipped flexible meeting rooms, various style rooms or perhaps the beautiful deep castle garden to organize your presentation or other business event. We also offer the possibility to rent our entire authentic castle exclusively for an unforgettable event. Of course we are happy to advise you on which space is most suitable and we are happy to help you with the further completion of a controversial event.

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Fashion shows

Both in our large hall Zeist (210m2) and in the old castle, we can organise special fashion shows. Have models make their entrance from the impressive castle stairs or how about a catwalk from the castle into the deep castle garden? Experience is key these days and we are happy to think along with you creatively and flexibly. The rooms can be set up according to your wishes for the event. Thanks to the large set-up of the location, we can offer various possibilities.