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Bar & Lounge

You are welcome in our stylish Bar & Lounge daily from 10.00. The pleasant atmosphere invites good conversations in front of the open fireplace or, in case of good weather, in a comfortable armchair by the patio doors. Enjoy the view of the castle garden and completely unwind. Fancy a snack? We offer a small menu in the Bar & Lounge which is sure to meet your wishes.

Small menu Bar & Lounge

Sweet, to accompany coffee or tea

Apple pie, because it is just so tasty | € 4.50 (whipped cream + € 0.75)

Pie of the day; we are happy to inform you | € 4.50 (whipped cream + € 0.75)

Savory appetite

Farmhouse bread with smoked salmon, horseradish crème, red onions and cucumber strings | € 12.50

Charcuterie plank, a great mix of juicy Italian meat types, roasted vegetables, olive mix and pickles | € 14.50

Zeist “12 o’clock”, healthy sandwich, Holtkamp veal croquet and a soup | € 12.50

Castle Kerckebosch Club Sandwich with chicken, fried egg, iceberg lettuce, tomato, bacon, pickles, herb crème and tortilla chips | € 14.50

Holtkamp veal croquets (2 pieces) on our farmhouse bread and with wholegrain mustard | € 10.50

Fried eggs and ham on bread (choose from country ham, cheese, bacon) | € 12.50


Carpaccio of beef with pine nuts, capers, rasped Parmesan and pesto dressing | € 14.50

“Salade Riche” a super deluxe salad with smoked salmon, Prosciutto, prawns, whitefish and steak | € 24.50

Sweet conclusion

“Dessert of the day”, sweet surprise from our pastry chef |  € 9.00

Homemade friandises with your tea or coffee? |  € 7.50

In addition to the dishes above, we also daily serve a varying 2-course Speed Lunch (served within 1 hour).

Please ask our crew for the suggestion of our Chef  |  € 29.50


Traditional bread in a bag from our local baker with garlic butter |  € 3.50

Bistoria olives, black & green marinated olives |  € 3.50

Holtkamp croquet balls, the ultimate savory classic with veal (per 6 pieces)  |  € 8.50

Holtkamp shrimp croquets, simply the very best (per 6 pieces) |  € 12.50

Eastern enjoyment, yakitori skewers with serundeng and Peking duck spring rolls (per 8 pieces) |  € 8.50

Dutch pride, fully matured crumbly cheese with wholegrain mustard |  € 7.50

Charcuterie plank, a great mix of juicy Italian meat types, roasted vegetables, olive mix and pickles |  € 14.50

The small menu is available from 11.30 to 16.00

The bites are served between 11.30 and 22.00