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Bar & Lounge

You are welcome in our stylish Bar & Lounge daily from 10.00. The pleasant atmosphere invites good conversations in front of the open fireplace or, in case of good weather, in a comfortable armchair by the patio doors. Enjoy the view of the castle garden and completely unwind. Fancy a snack? We offer a small menu in the Bar & Lounge which is sure to meet your wishes.

Lunch & bites menu


Sweet, with coffee or tea

Apple pie, just because it is so tasty | € 4.50 (whipped cream + € 0.75)

Cake of the day, we would like to inform you | € 4.50 (whipped cream + € 0.75)


Focaccia with smoked salmon, fennel salad, red onion, mustard cream, chives | € 12.50

Focaccia with turkey pastrami, sauerkraut salad, raisins and piccalilly cream | € 10.50

Focaccia with hummus, grilled vegetables, tomato salsa, mozzarella, aceto | € 10.50

Zeister "12 hours", sandwich healthy, Holtkamp veal croquette and a soup | € 12.50

Holtkamp veal croquettes (2 pieces) with our farmhouse bread and coarse mustard | € 9.50

Bouncer (choice of farm ham, cheese, bacon) | € 10.50


Superfood salad, couscous, bimi, pumpkin, avocado, feta, pomegranate, seeds & seeds € 12.50

"Salad Riche" a super deluxe salad with smoked salmon, Prosciutto, king prawn, white fish and steak. € 24.50

Bistoria TOP 5

During lunch we serve a small impression of our Bistoria menu, these are smaller "intermediate dishes". You can order € 12.50 per dish separately

4 course choice TOP 5 menu plus dessert € 36.50


Broth and croûte - beef broth, fine vegetables, oxtail, puff pastry


Papadum Deluxe - smoked salmon, raita, papadum, curry cream


Steak tartar - beet structures, outing, brioche


Sole - truffle, leeks cream, potato broth, herb oil


Grandmother Vera's Rendang - beef stew, nasi kuning, sweet sour, coconut sereh sauce


3 cheeses, our selection of International cheeses with garnish | € 7.50

"Dessert of the day", sweet surprise from our pastry chef | € 7.50

Homemade friandises with your tea or coffee? | € 7.50

Our Kasteel Kerckebosch Speedlunch

From Monday to Friday you can enjoy a daily changing 2-course menu.

This menu is based on the philosophy of our restaurant, where we are guided by the culinary seasons in international flavors.

Your host or host will be happy to advise you. We can serve the speed menu within 1 hour, for € 29.50.


Primeval bread in pouch from our local baker with herb butter | € 3.50

Bistoria olives, black & green marinated olives | € 3.50

Holtkamp bitterballen, the ultimate smooth classic with calf (per 6 pieces) | € 8.50

Holtkamp shrimp croquettes, simply the best (per 6 pieces) | € 12.50

"Eastern Treat", yakitori skewers with seroendeng and Peking duck spring rolls (per 8 pieces) | € 8.50

Dutch pride, old-year crumbled cheese with coarse mustard | € 7.50

Charcuterie board, a nice mix of juicy Italian meats, roasted vegetables, olives mix and Pickles | € 14.50

The lunch menu is available daily from 11.30 am to 4 pm

The bites are served between 11.30 and 22.00