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The quest for the perfect event venue can take a lot of effort. When you finally think you found it, you want to know if there is availability and whether the desired room, the culinary offer, the audiovisual resources, the hotel rooms and any additional activities will fit into your budget.

In order to provide event planners with insight into our possibilities, we offer the opportunity to make an offer online, just from the office. Your offer can be converted into a final reservation online and continuously updated and monitored. Then we can, after consultation, complete the entire meeting in detail and make a complete schedule for the event. The online quote is automatically converted into the final script, where even your contact person on-site can access. So we work together in the same environment and we both are assured that everything can be taken care of in the smallest details.

To get an indication of availability and possibilities, you can make your own quote within 2 minutes with our online quote planner. This safes a lot of time and gives immediate insight into the possibilities at Castle Kerckebosch.

As the system is currently only in the Dutch language available, we kindly ask you to send your enquiry to in case you are not acquianted with the Dutch language.

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