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Measures at Kasteel Kerckebosch

By decision of our government, the castle is closed until Monday April 6, 2020. We are available during office hours on +31 (0) 30 - 692 66 66. You can also send us an email at

Caring for our guests and employees is our top priority. It goes without saying that we work in accordance with a Protocol Coronavirus that has been drawn up by a specially formed Kerckebosch Corona Project Team. In this way we follow developments closely and follow government guidelines.

  • We are currently taking the following precautions at Kasteel Kerckebosch:
  • Our employees follow the RIVM hygiene protocol;
  • We have a policy of “greeting without touching”;
  • In accordance with the RIVM guidelines, employees have also been instructed on a (planned) stay in a risk area;
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all our washrooms and at welcome desks during conferences;
  • We disinfect surfaces and handles that are frequently touched at least twice a day.

We would like to refer you to RIVM for an answer to the most frequently asked questions. For questions about cancellations, please refer to the UVH terms and conditions.