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Checklist: just tick it!

There is a lot involved in organising a wedding. That is why it is useful to draw up a planning and divide the tasks. A wedding planner or master of ceremonies can save you a lot of trouble! In order to give you an idea of the various tasks that turn up during the organization, we have drawn up the checklist below.

TO DO: 12-9 months before the wedding

Choose a wedding date!

- Plan the place and time of the ceremony, the church and the party

- Inform friends and family, for example via Facebook or Instagram

- Determine budget together for each part of your wedding

- Visit a wedding fair

- How many (day) guests will you invite?

- Reserve city hall, Castle Kerckebosch and/or the church

- Make a guest list

- Approach your witnesses

- Arrange a master of ceremonies and possibly a wedding planner

- Visit wedding fashion websites

- View wedding locations online

- View wedding cars online

- Look for your wedding photographer online

- Look for a DJ or band

- Draw up a wish list of possible gifts

TO DO: 6 months before the wedding

- Register for marriage at the municipality

- Create a provisional script

- Pick wedding dress, lingerie, shoes

- Pick and buy rings

- Decide on the honeymoon location

- Determine location, transport and photographer

- Look for suited entertainment and/or music for the wedding

- Draw up the guest lists

- Apply for holidays at your employers

- Reserve a wedding suite for the wedding night

TO DO: 4 months before the wedding

- Bridegroom starts selecting clothes. Make sure to coordinate the colours!

- Make gift list

- Finalise the script

- Visit a notary if you have or want to start a company

- Select clothes for the bridesmaids and discuss it with the parents

- Perhaps take a few dancing lessons for the opening dance on the reception?

TO DO: 3 months before the wedding

- Make an appointment with the hairdresser’s for a test haircut

- Go to the beautician for test make-up

- Finalise the guest list – pick invitations and let them be printed

- Book honeymoon

- Check passports and visa

- Order wedding gifts

- Take out a wedding insurance

TO DO: 2 months before the wedding

- Send out the invitations

- Determine the seating arrangement for the dinner

- Determine the order of the wedding procession

- Buy gifts for everyone helping you

- Compose bride bouquet and corsage

- Bubble blowing for your wedding

- Do not forget the guest book for the wedding with a nice pen

- Order ring pillow

- Order bridal umbrella

- Order wedding cake with cake top

- Order evenly pressed napkins with your name and wedding date!

- Discuss the ceremony with civil servant

- Arrange the bride bouquet and the corsages at a florist

- Order disposable cameras for fun photos during the party

- Order sprinkle baskets and rose leaves for the bridesmaids

TO DO: 14 days before the wedding

- Go through the script in its entirety

- Report final number of guests to the wedding location

- Practice with the bridesmaids so that they know exactly what to do

- Finalise the seating arrangements with handy place cards

- Perhaps take a sunbed session?

- Fit the wedding clothes

- Check whether all the wedding products and bridal accessories are complete

- Walk in your wedding shoes

- Keep a potential bachelor’s party in mind

- Pick up rings at the jeweler

TO DO: 7 days before the wedding

- Do one final check and coordinate with the master of ceremonies or wedding planner

- Bridegroom to the hairdresser’s

- Write a speech

- Check if the route to the city hall and such is correct

- Are no access ways closed down?

- What will the weather be like; will you need umbrellas for your wedding?

- Prepare a purse with necessities such as extra panty hoses, hair spray, sewing threads etc.

- Has the luggage for the honeymoon been packed?

TO DO: 1 day before the wedding

- Final check with your master of ceremonies

- Get some cash money for tips

- Pamper yourselves with a manicure and pedicure

- Prepare the wedding dress and accessories

- Go to bed early (or not…)

Finally: the wedding day!

- Eat a light breakfast and make sure to drink enough

- Visit the beautician for the make-up and go to the hairdresser’s afterwards

- Where are the rings?

- Do not forget to enjoy yourselves!

After the honeymoon...

- Send a thank you card to the guests

- Go out for dinner with your parents and parents-in-law to celebrate the new family ties

- Look at the wedding pictures or videos again together for a romantic evening