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Culinary workshops

Under the guidance of our passionate team, participants can learn all about wines, wine-food combinations, Champagnes or cocktails.

Workshop wine tasting

Do you also simply order the house wine because you do not know what to do with all those different types on the wine menu? During this tasteful wine tasting in our castle, you can enjoy various kinds of wines. You become accustomed with the different kinds and will learn all about serving, storing and cooling the wines.

The wines that are presented come from different places in the world. Our experienced sommeliers transfer their knowledge to you with passion, so that you can give your opinion about the wine the waiter will try to palm off on you without blinking an eye.

Workshop wine and food

In this workshop, our sommelier Sven Hoogendoorn emphasizes the tasting of wine and the combination of wine & food. In a casual and fun manner, you are taken along into the world of wine and food and the following questions will be answered:

  • Why do we or do we not like wines or foods?
  • Why do I taste it as such and my neighbour like that?
  • Why do I even taste and why do I taste it like that?
  • Why does one white wine fit a dish while another does not?

Gin Tonic workshop

Would you like to learn how to make your favourite Gin Tonic yourself? Castle Kerckebosch offers a workshop in our tasteful bar-lounge. During this workshop, you learn all the ins and outs of Gin Tonics in 1.5 hours, where having a convivial and fun time is in high regards.

During our workshop, we playfully guide you and your group through the world of Gin Tonics, from classics to personal creations. After a short introduction from our experienced bartender, you yourself will start mixing, shaking, stirring and garnishing your own GT's! All mixing techniques & bar equipment will be discussed and, of course, we will also pay attention to the history of the Gin Tonic.

Champagne tasting

Discover the fascinating world of champagne and sparkling wine! Different bubbles can be thought of for every flavour and for every moment. Castle Kerckebosch is happy to let you taste the variety of bubbles.

A study into the world of champagne! 

The champagne workshop is a mini-course champagne. One of our champagne experts will speak about this fascinating world. You learn all about the history of champagne, how champagne is made, which types of champagne exist and, of course, you will taste multiple and very different types of champagne.