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Culinary dinner in a romantic castle

Of course, we nowadays know Valentine as a commercial story that has come over from the United States. But the romantics among us are much more likely to remember the stories from a bygone age, where Romans celebrated love on February 14 in full surrender!

We all know that love does not allow itself to be forced, guided and sometimes needs a helping hand. Our chefs with as much love for the profession have started working with all the "tools" we could find.

In this search as true "postillons d'amour" we have put together a menu with a leading role for aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is a means ingredient that is used for the purpose of stimulating. Many substances to which such an effect is attributed are of vegetable, animal or mineral origin. Think of alcohol, oysters, chocolate and all this marinated with wine, lots of wine.

The word aphrodisiac is derived from the name Aphrodite, the goddess of fertility, the sensual love and beauty in Greek mythology.

Valentine's Day 2019

We start our Valentine's menu with a glass of pink bubbles from the house, because how can you start a dinner more festive than to sound together on all that is coming? Taste, experience and surrender with the snacks of the house, which consist of a poached oyster Gin Tonic and a Dutch shrimp croquette with pimento cream.

After this first "Match made in Heaven" our loving employees will show you a beautiful table in our romantic Greenhouse. 


We will publish the menu mid January. 

Price EUR 54.50 per person

(including glass pink bubbles and amuses of the house)

Reserve your table by telephone on +31 (0)30 - 692 66 66