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Welcome on the most beautiful terrace of the Utrecht region

From the lounge, the terrace doors give access to the spacious terrace with a splendid castle garden. The tall trees that surround the terrace provide cosiness and shady spots with teak tables, comfortable chairs and umbrellas. The terrace is the ideal place to enjoy a drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner in peace and quiet. On the large lawn you can relax in one of the pink beach chairs or the lounge sofa.


Once the weather allows us, guests can enjoy a breakfast, lunch, drink or dinner on the spacious terrace. For dinner, a separate part of the terrace is reserved for guests of Restaurant Kerckebosch and another part for the guests of the Bistoria. This unique place in Zeist has been the backdrop to many wedding celebrations, television recordings, winter cocktail parties and food truck festivals. Do you have an inspiring idea, but is the execution not (yet) feasible? Please contact us and we will be happy to think along!