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Online quotation planner - Dutch only

The search to the perfect location can take a lot of effort. And once you finally found it, of course, you want the culinary offer, the decoration, the drinks and the entertainment to be settled down to a T! But… what is that going to cost?

In order to give bridal couples insight into the possibilities, we offer the opportunity to compose a quotation online, simply at home on your couch. Like what you see? Then we can, in mutual conversation, plan out the entire celebration and create a complete script for you. The online quotation can automatically be turned into the definitive script, to which even your master of ceremonies have access. This allows us to work in the same environment and both you and we are ensured that everything will be arranged perfectly up to the smallest details.

Gotten curious? Quickly open the online quotation planner and view our possibilities immediately and noncommittally! As the system is currently only in the Dutch language available, we kindly ask you to send your enquiry to in case you are not acquianted with the Dutch language. 

Wedding suite

It is delightful if there is nowhere else you have to go after your wedding day. Castle Kerckebosch possesses 30 hotel rooms, of which one is the Tower Suite, which is unique in its kind. The room has an Oriental decoration and the imperial canopy bed is completely made with wood carving work. The ideal ambiance to unwind and process the impressions of the day!

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