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Marrying New Year's Eve: it's a better idea than you think! You end the old year as a 'bachelor' and start the new as a spouse. But it doesn't just have to be a nice thought: New Year's Eve gives you a license for infinitely theatrical and glamorous weddings. And not to forget: how can you better start your wedding than with fireworks?

Marrying on New Year's Eve

Before you think that you probably can't get a guest list because everyone already has plans for New Year's Eve: a well-themed New Year's Eve party is what everyone actually hopes to be invited to. It will surprise you how many people do not have specific plans for the New Year, but would like to. Just a supersized version of your classic New Year's Eve with friends and family! Moreover, New Year's Day has an advantage over other wedding days: most people have the following day off. The wedding party can therefore continue into the early hours, all the more so because the party evening may continue until 2 pm this evening!

The temptation when marrying New Year's Eve is of course to give each other the yes at the clock of noon. An ambitious idea, although something like this fails more often than succeeds. After all, which wedding has not ended? We therefore recommend that you remove the official 'ceremony part' early. That gives you the opportunity to plan all festivities around the actual New Year. An original count-down is a great way for everyone to close the year.

Black & Gold

Have you always had a silent desire to organize a golden glamor wedding? Nobody will blame you for New Year's Eve. Something in the style of The Great Gatsby (the millionaire classic by F. Scott. Fitzgerald) fits perfectly with the exclusive atmosphere of a private party like this. Gilded flowers, gold-painted balloons, a black & gold wedding cake, it's all part of it. And what about an exuberantly foolish dinner table, with a champagne tower in the middle, while your guests, dressed in tuxedos and glitter dresses, savored a range of haute cuisine liflafs? If that's your thing, at least. Our Wedding Professionals are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Why should you (not) marry on New Years' Eve

- symbolic date: exchange old year / life for new year / married life
- glitter, gold and glamor is allowed
- New Year gives extra party factor
- sparklers, fireworks, spectacle!
- your wedding day is thunderous every year (sort of)

- wedding location is slightly more expensive than in low season
- this glamorous style carries a hefty price tag
- watch the weather: rain is not unlikely