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Castle Kerckebosch Zeist: The History

When visiting Castle Kerckebosch, it is great to discover all the hidden secrets of the castle. The castle was built in 1904 by esquire Egbert Lintelo de Geer on the estate Kerckebosch.

For the construction of the castle, an expansive collection of antique utensils and ornaments were used. These originate from renovated churches, monasteries and castles in the neighbouring area. Esquire Lintelo de Geer managed to acquire a lot of special old materials via affiliated antiquarians. For example, two very old doors with wrought iron knocker in the lobby were used in the Dom of Utrecht.

Especially remarkable is the huge stained glass windows which were installed in the castle. There are also old wind vanes, roof ridge decorations and wrought iron lanterns to discover. The chimney with open fireplace in our saloon hails from an 18th century Amsterdam canalside house.

The main entrance consists of a gate in renaissance style, stating the text “Anno 1620”. Above it is a statue of David with the decapitated head of Goliath. The coat of arms of the family De Geer is also on display here; the background consists of diamonds with the proverb Non Sans Cause (Not without cause).

The largest stained glass window very prominently states ‘What matters is not how long, but how well you lived’. This is the credo we want to honour!