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Restaurant Kerckebosch

Due to COVID-19, our Restaurant Kerckebosch is closed until further notice. Our Bistoria is open daily for both lunch and dinner.

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We are the Bistoria - unique and also the only one in the Netherlands. Our Bistoria has its own style, its own (wise) dishes, but most of all ... its own atmosphere.

We travel the world together with our dishes. From Indonesia to France, from Italy to a sun-drenched Caribbean and all other culinary places where our chefs are inspired.

We show these influences and unique flavors in our Bistoria menu. And to be able to taste even more of the world, our Top 10 dishes have the portioning of an intermediate dish. Share these dishes, taste each other or enjoy alone.

What greater appetite? Then it might be a good idea to supplement our dishes with our sides, such as chunky & funky fries or oven roasted vegetables. It is of course also possible to choose from our selection of XL dishes or the Bistoria Classics. Nothing is necessary in the Bistoria, anything is possible!

If there are special wishes, we would of course like to hear this. Enjoy a tasty stay!

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Bar & Lounge

The Bar & Lounge is a perfect place for an effective meeting or romantic encounter, thanks to its location in the centre of our castle. On nice days, we open the doors to the terrace and you enjoy a view of the sunny castle garden while our bartender serves delicious coffee or the finest wines. Is the weather cold and bleak? Then crawl in front of one of the tasteful open fireplaces and spoil yourself with homemade pie or a special cocktail, which can be found on the small menu that is served in the bar & lounge. The Bar & Lounge is daily opened from 10.00.

Bar & Lounge


Once the weather allows us, guests can enjoy a breakfast, lunch, drink or dinner on the spacious terrace. For dinner, a separate part of the terrace is reserved for guests of Restaurant Kerckebosch and another part for the guests of the Bistoria. This unique place in Zeist has been the backdrop to many wedding celebrations, television recordings, winter cocktail parties and food truck festivals. Do you have an inspiring idea, but is the execution not (yet) feasible? Please contact us and we will be happy to think along!