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Will you join on a culinary journey?

From mid-May 2018 (subject to change) our new Conservatory will be operational next to our castle. In the Conservatory we will be conducting two different restaurant concepts, namely the culinary restaurant (formerly Restaurant Kerckebosch) and the new Bistoria.

The current Bistoria is the place where the culinary journey will begin. This atmospheric space will be converted into a cozy and relaxed wine and beer bar. In addition to a selection of special beers (including our own Kerckebosch Castle beer, locally brewed on the Utrecht Hill Ridge), we offer an impressive selection of wines by the glass. In this cozy atmosphere, the aperitif can be drunk already, whether or not in combination with a tasty snack or shelf with various cheeses, charcuterie and / or grilled vegetables.

After the aperitif, the kitchen staff will welcome you personally in the heart of our business, the open kitchen. Not just an open kitchen, but a kitchen where you are literally in the midst of everyday activities between kitchen and service. After you have enjoyed a surprising amuse of the house, the journey will continue to the Restaurant or the Bistronomie.

Our new restaurant is tastefully decorated and has a beautiful fireplace. Around this fireplace, four 'Love Seats' will be placed that will most probably become one of the most popular tables. As you are used to, you can enjoy surprising and innovative combinations in our restaurant and a monthly changing menu. Let yourself be inspired and surprised by the kitchen brigade with an 8-course amuse dinner or an Experience Menu. The direct view in the kitchen will give an extra dimension to the culinary experience.

In the new Bistoria the combination of honest kitchen, a relaxed atmosphere and a correct price-quality ratio is central. No stiff whipped up luxury and no obliging hall brigade, no tables with starched linen and plates with unrecognizable molecular food. No, in the Bistoria we prefer tasteful, honest and uncomplicated food with respect for nature in a Medittarenean atmosphere. Dishes prepared with sustainable and fresh products, served with a generous smile, offered at a reasonable price.

The Bistoria is surrounded by imposing glass fronts and therefore a beautiful light space where you can eat, drink and work during the whole day. Since this part of the Conservatory is located in the forest, this gives the ultimate feeling of peace and space and will absolutely contribute to an inspiring (work) environment. In the evenings this room offers an unparalleled view of the illuminated trees and the beautifully lit castle.