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Castle Kerckebosch is ‘House of the Municipality’, which means that the municipality of Zeist has appointed it as official wedding location. Thanks to this, it is possible to let all the wedding proceedings take place in one of our stylish rooms or, if the weather permits, say “I do” to each other in the beautiful castle garden.

After the ceremony, it is time for a toast and all the guests are completely pampered by our staff. Of course, the culinary wishes are entirely decided upon by you!

Tip: Free up sufficient space in the script for making photos. Castle Kerckebosch has many romantic spots which can serve as background for these special memories. 


Dutch Wedding Industry Organisation (NTBO)

Castle Kerckebosch is affiliated with the Dutch Wedding Industry Organisation:

"The Dutch Wedding Industry Organisation (NTBO) is the information centre for bridal couples and suppliers in the wedding industry. The objective of the NTBO is to promote the development, quality and professionalism of the affiliated businesses in the e wedding industry. We want to ensure that knowledge and information is accessible and available to both entrepreneurs and bridal couples. "

Dutch Wedding Industry Organization