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Teambuilding activities

Castle Kerckebosch is situated in the middle of a forest and has a large garden, so perfect for outdoor teambuilding activities! Step out of your comfort zone and try something new...

Drone workshop

For companies, drones offer all kinds of unique applications. During this workshop, we demonstrate the possibilities for employing a drone within the organisation. In order to strengthen these stories, we give a demonstration of various drones, during which we also provide information about the technical performance and specifications. Enthusiasts may also take on the controller themselves. All of this is supplemented with beautiful video images.


  • Experienced and passionate speakers and certified drone pilots
  • Advice on applicability drones for own business
  • Examples of inspiring drone-recorded videos
  • Information on how drones work and what they can do
  • Explanation on legislation and regulations
  • Demonstration of drones
  • Fly drones yourself

Blind archery

The workshop archery is a varied activity. The individual scores as well as the team scores are kept. Shooting is given an extra dimension by, among other things, shooting with a blindfold…. Archery can be organised in the castle garden. 

Building bridges & building catapults

During this programme, you not only build a bridge, but you mostly build your team.
Working together, guiding and taking charge are only a few of the themes which can be emphasized. 

Another special option: build a catapult with your team. The construction you build is based on the medieval joy. Standards and throwing arm are constructed according to the view of the team. Teamwork at its best. Of course, the ultimate test is: does it work?

Guided walk with the forester

Allow your participants to get a breath of fresh air in the morning or during the meeting by offering a guided walk by our forester. The walk takes 1.5 hours and is 4.5 km long. 

The nearby estate of Heidestein lies hidden in the forests at Zeist. On the heaths between the old pine forests graze heath sheep from Drenthe. This is what the Utrecht Hill Ridge looked like over a hundred years ago. All manner of remains of the historic estate, such as the tea house and the pond, give the estate its own atmosphere. This walk will take you past a number of historic places in this beautiful nature landscape which is managed by Utrechts Landschap.

This walk can be expanded with a breakfast or lunch in the Schaapskooi. 

Mountain biking

Would you like to go mountain biking in ‘our’ backyard, on the best mountain bike routes of the Netherlands? We have put out various challenging rides for your group. The group can bike various routes under the supervision of an experienced guide. Ask after the possibilities!


Have you always wanted to try fencing? Everybody can participate in our workshop fencing! A stylish programme, where all the etiquette is treated and which is all about teamwork. One for all and all for One!

Teamwork programme

We have created a circuit where you and your team must work together in order to achieve a good result. The spider web, the stone exercise, the flying discs, the blind person...... and there is much more. We will compose a fitting team programme in consultation with you.

Workshop Virtual Reality

Curious about the influence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in your work field? We can organise a Virtual Reality workshop for all manner of organisations, such as companies; primary and secondary education; vocational education; higher education; universities; museums; and libraries. Below, you can find a number of workshops we can host.

Virtual Reality for your organisation:

  • Presentation about the history, the state-of-the-art and the near future of Virtual Reality.
  • Where is Virtual Reality already successfully being deployed? We discuss the application fields most relevant to you.
  • Virtual Reality demonstration. We possess various relevant demos and work with multiple headsets, allowing everyone to have a great experience.
  • During a creative session, we will seek out the possibilities of Virtual Reality in your organisation. By means of a brainstorm, we will think of and discuss new applications.
  • Including rent of required VR hardware.
  • Programme is always custom tailored.

Workshop with birds of prey

Has a bird of prey ever sat on your arm? During this workshop, you might just have the opportunity! You will meet 7 or 8 different unique birds of prey. Stylish and remarkably interactive. This activity can be organised in the castle garden.

Workshop Etiquette

During this etiquette workshop you will get to know it all!

Learn things that you did not know and that will certainly come in handy.
This course etiquette not only gives you more confidence, but also improves your manners.